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Computers kill Brits

Stiff upperlip defenceless against killer notebooks, death ray monitors, crippler keyboards, cancer phones

It's official -- computers are killing us. We Brits are in the throes of a love affair with technology , but it will all end in tears. We have so many computers, mobile phones and other gadgets that we are now ahead of the US when it comes to how frantic and stressful our lives are.

According to a report in London local paper the Evening Standard, Roper Starch Worldwide have place the UK as No 3 in the World's most stressed country league table. The US ranks No 7 -– which may surprise many who labour under the idea that the US is a busy, scary and stressful place.

Witness the new phenomenon of so called 'Computer Rage'. A problem taken so seriously that Compaq actually set up a helpline to soothe our nerves. The study also found that women experience more stress than men, with an average of 21 per cent of women, as compared to 15 per cent of men, describing themselves as super-stressed.

The groups with the lowest stress levels were teenagers (based on this reporter's adolescence, it seems likely that teens are too busy causing stress to have it themselves) and women without children. ®

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