Microsoft on Trial: January 99


Back to the main Microsoft on Trial page Stories from... December 1998 November 1998 October 1998 29 January 1999 Office the 'perfect club' to use on Apple-MS Fear and loathing at the conference table, seven months into the 'alliance' MS ordered to hand over Win98 uninstall data And how come an MS attorney was claiming the data 'does not relate' to the testing? MS mounts Linux sales pitch in trial video Our old friend from Halloween loves it, apparently... 28 January 1999 Does MS internal email confirm Explorer can be removed? It certainly seems to contain a useful list of which files do what - can we all have it now please? Judge quizzes Maritz over browser separation Maritz decided not to separate them, but that suggests it was feasible 27 January 1999 Embrace and smother - how the MS strategy works Maritz nearly admits he said that, and we look at the mechanisms that underlie the approach 26 January 1999 Maritz confirms and denies MS threat over Mac Office There's a narrow denial concerning IE, and a broader confirmation on IP 25 January 1999 Intel's lousy software III -- MS says it has enough of its own Sunk in VXD hell, Microsoft felt it just couldn't deal with any more crap... The Intel and MS wrangle over MMX IP Not the right time to help Intel make x86 more proprietary - Maritz Judge tangles with MS witness over 'monopoly' Analogies become more and more bizarre, as Schmalensee finishes up How MS feared Intel would 'stomp' on AMD 3D instructions And how Bill might have traded AMD support for a Java-free Intel MS to see AOL-Netscape deal documents The works, including a tempting 'advertising services agreement' 24 January 1999 The emails the DoJ may use to ambush Maritz We can't read the text yet, but we've got the headers. And did you hear the one about the MS-Intel telecoms net? 23 January 1999 Intel could sue OEMs over Katmai and IA-64 -- MS exec And Maritz also appears to think MS could sue OEMs for bundling Linux on Intel machines 22 January 1999 Maritz deposition suffers mysterious leakage A news wire seems to have remarkably detailed expectation of what it's going to say Watch out -- here comes Windows $2000 Witness argues Windows would cost $2000 if Microsoft really ruled the world. Start worrying... Dodgy MS data undermines Schmalensee And the judge reminds him he's on oath. There's a worry... 21 January 1999 Schmalensee trips on DoJ banana skins Government lawyer lays his traps, and MS' witness walks right in HP exec to MS: we'd dump Windows if we could An everyday tale of love among the OEM contracts... Witness claims MS keeps sales data on handwritten bits of paper So it hasn't the foggiest notion how much money it makes from Windows. Hint: check the share price 20 January 1999 Microsoft witness claims Netscape browser share hardly fell at all Which means that a lot of earlier published Microsoft market share data must be rubbish... 19 January 1999 So who is this Schmalensee guy anyway? Graham probes the background to Microsofts economics expert DoJ quizzes MS 'expert' economist Is Schmalensee just trotting out the Microsoft script? 18 January 1999 MS is NOT price gouging on Windows - DoJ expert But he still suspects nefarious purposes... Gates TV -- the final instalment The world mourns as Bill's final clips hit the public domain... What is it Microsoft wants the court to keep secret? Read the transcripts surrounding the secret session, and you find some pointers... MS moves to strike some of new DoJ exhibits But it doesn't look likely to get them all 15 January 1999 MS expert used Gates-inspired dodgy survey figures Bill 'Enver Hoxha' Gates came up with the results, then they did the survey MS gets into trouble with another judge For some reason, he's been implying to the attorneys that their client is outrageously arrogant... 14 January 1999 Microsoft appeals Java injunction Claims judge made technical errors in granting it MS attorney caught plying witness with Linux numbers Judge tells them to cut it out - Chinese walls, we've heard of them... 'Make people use Explorer' - Gates email The latest email deluge shows Bill leveraging the OS again. Tsk... 13 January 1999 MS witness cites Linux advance in OEM channel But as it turns out, it's nothing you hadn't heard already... MS can control prices because it's 'the only game in town' - expert So OEMs can complain, but they have to buy anyway, whatever the price MS pricing strategy exposed - cheap when there's competition, but... Prices can go up as well as down, depending on competition... Judge reserves rights to unseal MS pricing data Perhaps he's considering exposure as one of the possible remedies? 12 January 1999 MS cites 960 per cent Linux growth rate in defence At that velocity, Linux will pass Windows RSN. Wonder if Schmalensee's figured that? MS didn't hurt nobody, and anyway it was scared - defence witness Richard Schmalensee's deposition is heroic in both scale and, surely, chutzpah Censors strike MS testimony Some blank has been blanking all the blanking numbers from the boffin's 328 blanking pages... Microsoft to roll out defence today With another motion for dismissal, Graham reckons... 11 January 1999 MS attorney lays siege to Fisher A long, boring session looked like investment for an appeal MS lashes-out at economist's testimony Judging by the response, Fisher may have touched a few nerves... Dell moves to keep MS OEM numbers under wraps The figures will be dealt with in closed court session today, and Dell wants to keep it closed 9 January 1999 Consumer report calls for minimum $10 billion fine for Microsoft According to the document, Microsoft has systematically overcharged and blocked the sale of cheaper PCs 8 January 1999 OEM sales report shows how MS squeezed Netscape out And Bill wanted everybody to laugh at "100 per cent pure Java" 7 January 1999 Gates tapes: latest transcript In the latest edition, Bill is queried about exclusionary deals with Intuit MS Attorney and Harris stage scrappy fight A messy business, but probably Harris on points Microsoft intimidatory tactics attract attention Witness Harris has a word or six with an old MS contact Judge queries Netscape-AOL deal again But seems to have changed his mind about it affecting the case 6 January 1999 Memory man Gates doesn't understand Intuit restrictions In what is possibly his farewell video, Bill is well up to the mark, as usual Gates fingered as running predatory strategy Final prosecution witness attempts to bring it all back home 5 January 1998 Intuit exec claims MS pressure killed Compaq deal Even a successful competitor's alliances are limited by Microsoft, it seems DoJ stirs pot over MS sabotage denial Microsoft's attempt to neuter Felten's testimony seems to be misfiring badly Why Microsoft wanted to buy Intuit And why it threatened the company with a $1 billion in development cash for Money MS moves to block Intuit testimony Which means we should look closely at the bits it wants ruled out 4 January 1999 Judge finds Windows 2000 may slip a millennium Courts ruling you probably can't make your ship dates? Surely the ultimate humiliation... Spin and counterspin in MS-Bristol suit Victory for both sides? Well, they both claim to be very pleased... Top of the page

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