Celeron III, anyone?

... new Intel brand gets stealth launch

It pays to read the small print. When we looked at some leaked Intel roadmap pictures last week, we concentrated on the usual stuff about clock and bus speeds. But on a second glance, another interesting factoid can be seen. The entry level Celeron systems arriving in the next six months or so bear the legend "Celeron III" and, in tiny type at the bottom, there's a note referring to Timna -- Chipzilla's first system on a chip (SoC) device. But it's not clear to which processors this refers. (Note to Intel: can you please make the graphics on your confidential documents easier to read -- our eyesight isn't what it was.) Are we to suppose that all Celeron IIIs will eventually be SoC devices? And whatever happened to the Celeron II? ®

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