Jobs unveils upgraded iBook

CEO rises from waters of flooded Apple Expo Paris

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Updated Apple CEO Steve Jobs has just announced upgrades to the company's consumer-oriented portable Mac, the iBook.

Speaking at Apple Expo Paris, Jobs said the iBook's top-of-the-line model - the Special Edition - will now sport a 466MHz PowerPC 750 (aka G3) processor, up from 366MHz, and will finally offer a FireWire (aka IEEE 1394) port and a DVD-ROM drive.

The iBook SE will be available in its exitsing graphite colour scheme and now lime too. The regular iBook will now ship in lime and indigo, in place of tangerine and bondi blue. Like the SEs, both vanilla iBooks will also ship with a FireWire port.

Jobs also said that ATI's Radeon graphics card would be offered as an option with the Power Mac G4 and the G4 Cube. Radeon was supposed to have offered for these machines when they were announced back in July, but Apple pulled support at the eleventh hour.

Popular rumour suggests Jobs himself canned the plan after ATI inadvertently leaked details of the Apple product launch ahead of schedule. A more likely explanation is the problems ATI have had ramping up volume production of Radeon chips, which is why the Mac version of board was only scheduled to become available this month.

Jobs' keynote was apparently delayed slightly because someone set the fire sprinklers off last night and flooded half the exhibition hall. Eau, no... ®

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