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There's no rest for the wicked - is facing yet more legal action.

The class-action complaint for copyright infringement has been filed on behalf of Unity Entertainment Corp and others, the online music file swapping service said today.

The action comes just two days after settled with Universal Music Group for $53.4 million.

The suit was filed by Engstrom, Lipscomb & Lack in the US District Court for the Central District of California in Los Angeles.

"On behalf of both consumers and artists, we are disappointed to receive this complaint particularly in light of the strides we have made in securing licensing agreements from now all five of the major record labels," said Michael Robertson, chairman and CEO.

Yesterday the San-Diego-based company revealed plans to revive as a fee-based service.

"We continue to firmly believe that the and its technology infrastructure serves to empower artists and gives consumers the benefit of listening to their own music anywhere and at anytime," added Robertson.

His company has already shelled out around $100 million to EMI, Sony, Warner and BMG. ®

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