Intel's notebook prices, strategy for 2001

1.20GHz Tualatins to arrive Q4 2001

Roadmap In Q4 of next year, Intel aims to introduce two Tualatin (.13 micron) notebook chips at 1.20GHz, and a slightly lesser speed.

The chip giant will also introduce 1GHz and 900MHz notebook processors in March of next year which will use its SpeedStep technology.

And in other news from a week 51 confidential Intel roadmap we saw earlier this week, it also has cunning plans to cut prices by intro-ing a Celeron-T 866MHz processor using a chipset called Almador-M, which will scale throughout the performance segment of the market through the year.

Intel will also introduce Pentium III LV (low voltage) mobile chips. The first of these, an ultra-low voltage model at 500MHz, is likely to be launched the same week it takes the axe to prices for Pentium 4s, Pentium IIIs and other microprocessors - that is the week beginning the 29th of January.

A 700MHz LV mobile chip will be introduced on or around the 26th of February 2001.

The 1GHz Pentium III notebook chip is aimed at the very high end of the market, will the 900MHz chip is aimed at the mid-$2000 system price for the second quarter of next year.

Also in the second quarter of next year, Chipzilla will intro a mobile Celeron 850MHz and a mobile Celeron 800MHz, aimed at capturing what it calls the "back to school refresh" in Q3 next year. The Celeron-T 866MHz processor is aimed at the value segment, to help scale the Almador M chipset platform, we can reveal.

The PIII 500MHz ultra low voltage chip operating at voltages of .975 to 1.1 volts are aimed at the sub-notebook sector, with a 600MHz processor in this family launching in the second half of 2001, while the 700MHz and 750MHz low voltage processors target the mini notebook market. There will be a Celeron low voltage 600MHz notebook chip introduced in the second quarter of the year.

Here are prices for some of the microprocessors we have mentioned above.

On the 28th of January, the mobile Pentium III 950 will cost $508, dropping to $348 on the 15th of April. The 800MHz will drop to $348 in late January and then to $268 in April. The 750MHz will drop to $268 in January and then to $241 in mid-April, with the 700MHz mobile Pentium III costing $241 in Janaury, and $198 in April.

The 1GHz mobile Pentium III will cost $722 at launch, the 900MHz $562 (dropping to $508 on the 15th of April), the 700LV will launch at $316, and the 500LV at $210.

The mobile Celeron 750 at launch will cost $170, but will rapidly drop so that by April 15 it will cost $134.

All of this depends, to some extent, on what the competition in the shape of AMD and Cyrix does. And word reaches The Reg of an MDR report which says mobile Durons will be expensive to build. We'll have more of this when we have more on this. ®

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