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Linus Torvalds = Mould?

Utter despair at rhyming slang debacle

Forget Cockney and Popney, here comes Chipney

Well this one got your brains working - sort of. We asked for a bit of rhyming slang for Linus Torvalds, and this is what we got. Read it and weep:

Lee Carter:
Mould ('This bread is covered in Linus')

Colin Slade:
Dog's Gonads! ('I've got a Sony PS2 it's the Linus mate!')

Jeremy G:
Buying us all rounds? ('The sales director was so chuffed by his new win, he was doing a linus')

Fred Ugly:
Big balls... ('You told your boss what?? Man, you must have some Linus.')

Torvalds? Mould? I despair.

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