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Dr Tom's advice on living cheaply

He revives a 1995 socket 5 system

HWRoundup El Doctor has a few money saving suggestions over at Tom's Hardware today. If the idea of adding a bit of fizz to an old machine for less than a lot of money is as appealing to you as it should be, then check this out. Tom takes a look at a 1995 socket 5 system and brings it, if not into the 21st century, then at least up to 1999.

It had to start somewhere. D128 has sat down and given some thought to the XBox. What will this mean for your PC, they wonder. Well, we thought we'd share their thoughts with you, click


to find out whether it can take the dog for a walk when you are on holiday. That last part was a lie.

Game PC followed up its interest in Asus' A7M266 motherboard, based on the 760 chipset from AMD. They put it up against a few other systems; including other 760 offerings, some based on the KT133A, and of course some built around the P4. Sound like your kind of comparison? Click


if you want more.

It is time to do something funky with your case again. Tweaktown is crying out for readers to send it more sparkly photos of modified computer shells. They've put up a couple of fine examples


, including one that demonstrates that a PC can look like a Mac if it tries hard enough. Or is it a Mac, I'm confused now.

Last up is an EarthWeb review of the ASUS P4T i850 Pentium 4 Mainboard. This sounds good, but does it live up to what you would expect from such an impressive features list? Check it out


if the i850 chipset, a 400MHz FSB, four RIMM slots, ATA/100, five PCI slots and AGP Pro 4x, gets your attention. ®

For those as yet unfulfilled, there is a ton more hardware stuff in the Register Archives.

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