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Everything you ever wanted to know about CPRM, but ZDNet wouldn't tell you...

How we broke the story

Stealth plan puts copy protection into every hard drive

How the community reacted

Linux lead slams 'pay per read' disk drive plan
Copy protection hard drive plan nixes free software - RMS
EFF's Gilmore calls for CPRM hardware boycott
There's no going back after CPRM, warns Schneier

The Empire Spins Back

CPRM on hard drives - IBM takes a spin
CNET suckered by CPRM spin
You're hilarious, Intel tells CPRM campaigners
Intel, 4C still 'lying' about CPRM - Gilmore

Um, on second thoughts...
4C retreats in Copy Protection storm
CPRM for HDs may be kicked into touch - Latest
T.13 hoses down CPRM fears
IBM withdraws CPRM for hard drives proposal
Will Phoenix keep your disks and OS CPRM-free?
Gilmore, Hedrick differ on anti-CPRM gameplan
The open PC is dead - start praying, says HD guru
Son of CPRM fails ATA committee vote

Your Letters

Reg readers on the CPRM fiasco
More Letters:CPRM kicked into touch?
Reg readers on keeping the open PC alive

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MS plans 'Secure PC' that won't copy pirated audio files
1394 chiefs back 5C's copy controls
Sneaky cable crypto scheme in the works
Prof hushes SDMI crack on DMCA terror
Hacker research team disputes 'hack SDMI' results
SDMI was cracked, and is doomed: count on it

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Scientific American - March 2001
About.com's CPRM page®

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