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Mouse claws PC to death

Mobos back by unpopular demand

HWRoundup Well, enough of all that boring imaging equipment, digital scanners and the like. Let's get right down to the nitty gritty and look at a rodent red in tooth and claw. Yes, mice are not boring and here we have the
Claw Mouse reviewed by System Logic. A nine button mouse, it will claw its way through doom-laden scenarios and the like and may even attack your PC. (Extremely tenuous reason for exciting headline ends here - but a Zip drive we bought last week spits out the disk so fast it could decapitate you if you're not careful. Thanks too for those readers who've pointed out it's not really a mouse, either - but that would demolish our headline even more...)

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We need our overclocking fix!! We need to think about Peltiers!! So we got ourselves over to Hard OCP to find that Kyle went to bed at 8pm and woke up at 1.30 in the morning. Find out why there. Hey Kyle, next thing you'll be telling us all what happened at that Asus party in Old Taipei last year...

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As Kyle and Mad Mike know only too well, the devil makes work for idle hands, so keep yourself away from those naughty Web sights and instead get over to this review of the wittily named Aopen AK73 ProA KT-133 mobo on Anand's site. It's got a north bridge, a south bridge, and has a slit to stick a CPU in -- what more could anyone desire?

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Ace's HW has an update here on the Amulet3i project. We're talking third gen asynchronous Arm technology here. Amulet 3 is expected to generate loads more performance.

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Worried about the future of Intel's Itanic chip? Fear not, because over at Intel's Itanium site there's a whopping big picture of a Pentium 4. Cough.

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While Tom Pabst and yours truly wait for a summons to attend the Rambus/Infineon trial to determine whether or not Mr Crisp was or was not employed by Rambus last June, life goes on. And Cebit, the yearly extravaganza held in Hangover, looms. Here, at Tom's HW Page there's a look at IDE high performance drives from Fujitsu, Maxtor, and Quantum which will be shewn at the shew.

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Lastly not leastly sorta thing, over at Socket A, there's now a list of 240 mobos. As Chris Tom points out, that's a long way from the beginning when there were around 20 available. Chris also seems to be responsible for some site called Boycott Rambus

Bottoms up! ®

Petrified by Peltiers? Idealise IDE drives? Want to stick a CPU into a slit? Get to our HWRoundup archive and thrill to the sound of one fan humming.

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