Transsexuals drawn to expertsexchange website. Well, that's what it says in the URL

Bad choice for domain name?

Got Tips?

This is a cautionary tale about what happens if you register your entire company name as a domain without first checking your spelling.

No doubt Experts Exchange were highly delighted when they got webbed up. Should have looked closer at that url though, lads.

Any woman trapped in a man's body will be highly dissappointed when they click on Despite the promising listings for 'Software' and 'Cutting Edge' Developers, your chances of gender realignment services are slim to say the least.

The ExpertSexChange story smacks of the 'City University at Newcastle-upon-Tyne' fiasco. It was only when they saw the acronym on the new headed notepaper that they realised what a terrible, terrible error they'd made... ®


Thanks to the eagle-eyed Reg reader Peter who caught this beauty.


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