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Interview with a Net pedophile

Part 1: the chat rooms

Online Pedophilia This is the first in a series of stories examining firsthand how pedophiles use the Internet.

So much noise has been made about the dangers to children from on-line sexual predators that The Register felt it necessary to go underground, as it were, and see for ourselves what's going on. We therefore hung out in IRC for several days and nights using a nickname suggestive of a thirteen-year-old girl, and waited patiently to be corrupted by slobbering old dudes.

First the good news: in spite of what the would-be Web censors would lead you to expect, hanging out in kiddie chatrooms such as #Teens, #FunFactory and the like drew no significant approaches from adults, but an immensely tedious series of discussions on the comparative virtues of the Backstreet Boys with the 'other' girls, and male teens trying with scant success to figure out how to pick up a chick.

Judging by our experience and firsthand observation, which we trust immensely more than 'surveys' and the like, we don't see an Internet crawling with pedos in search of innocent sprouts to corrupt. Quite the reverse, in fact. For example, we were immediately and quite responsibly banned from #Sex on account of our nick, which, as we said, indicated our age as thirteen.

Of course things changed dramatically in #Dad&DaughterSex and #YoungGirlSex, two notorious pedo hangouts. It's fair to say we were instantly and relentlessly pounced upon by a vast swarm of unimaginably unhealthy old buggers.

We found this a bit of a surprise, primarily because if there's one thing these channels are famous for hosting besides swarms of pedos, it's swarms of Feds posing as kids in hopes of busting them.

One would have expected a bit more wariness, but within three or four minutes of joining either channel we were typically queried by up to twenty hopeful creeps, none of whom wasted any time getting to the point.

"Hi princess, are you involved with Daddy?" they would ask by way of introduction. "Are you into family?" "Have you got any pets?" (Ugh, and more on that, we're sorry to say, below.)

These come-ons were so immediate and so direct that we could only guess at the assumptions they're based on. Either these guys assumed they were talking to a role-playing adult, or they assumed that any child in the channels must already have been initiated into the 'lifestyle' by a family member.

Indeed we sensed that we were expected to put on a sexual performance as if we'd been trained to do so. A few 'Daddies' were actually surprised when we showed reluctance; all expected a good deal more than they got.

[MoodMan] HI!
[The Reg] hi
[MoodMan] Male 29 from Norway here
[MoodMan] asl?
[The Reg] 13-f-calif
[MoodMan] Haakon my name
[MoodMan] I like ya age
[MoodMan] what's your name?
[The Reg] ursula
[MoodMan] nice to meet ya Ursula
[MoodMan] any pic of ya?
[The Reg] maybe my bro'll make one with the scanner
[MoodMan] are U brother with ya now?
[The Reg] nope hed kill me for chating here haha
[MoodMan] wanna have a pic of me?
[The Reg] ok
[MoodMan] who f**k ya most?
[The Reg] excusee me
[MoodMan] have someone lick ya p***y and have U sucked a big c**k?
[The Reg] u must have me cnfused with someon else
[MoodMan] oh
[MoodMan] what are U look a like Ursula?
[The Reg] i dont know blond average
[MoodMan] do you wanna play with a 8.5 inches c**k?
[The Reg] excus me??
[MoodMan] what are U doing here baby?
[The Reg] my girfrend told me about it
[MoodMan] do you like girls?
[MoodMan] do you like c**ks?
[MoodMan] mine c**k is huge
[The Reg] issit
[MoodMan] yeah
[MoodMan] 8.5 inches long
[The Reg] so u measure ur d**k haha

He apparently didn't like being laughed at by a child, and the chat ended there.

Here's another who gets right to the point.

[Ibypntys] hello
[The Reg] hi
[Ibypntys] anything ging on tonight?
[The Reg] not realy
[Ibypntys] :(
[Ibypntys] u wanna chat a little?
[The Reg] 'ok
[Ibypntys] can we chat a little about u?
[Ibypntys] what do u look like?
[The Reg] u know blond average etcc
[Ibypntys] is all ur hair blonde?
[Ibypntys] and ect
[Ibypntys] :)
[The Reg] yea im blond average etcc
[Ibypntys] lol
[Ibypntys] why just average and ect?
[The Reg] u know just a kid
[Ibypntys] no breasts?
[Ibypntys] no pubic hair?
[The Reg] is that ur busness ?

Yes, he likely buys little girls' panties, as his nick implies. Apparently, pedos exchange trophies in their chatrooms, and any Dad can parlay his daughter's unmentionables into a series of kiddie porn pics. After chatting with these fellows for a few days, we'd be surprised if even diapers were beyond consideration as trade goods.

Here's one actually annoyed by what appears to be an uncooperative child.

[Brain13] asl?
[The Reg] 13calif
[Brain13] cool
[Brain13] u got a self pic?
[The Reg] what about u
[Brain13] i have
[Brain13] u?
[The Reg] maybe my bro can make one with the scanner
[Brain13] can u ask him?
[The Reg] hes not here hed kill me for chating here haha
[Brain13] u have a cam?
[The Reg] nop
[Brain13] what do u look like?
[The Reg] u know average blond etcc
[Brain13] how big are your tits?
[Brain13] much hair on your p***y?
[The Reg] escusse me ?
[Brain13] whats wrong?
[The Reg] thats your busness ???
[Brain13] you were in a sex channel remember

Well, excuse us. We didn't realize we were obligated to cyber with you bud....

Now we have a fellow who clearly expects slavish cooperation, even when he goes off the rails of recognizable human sexuality. Again, he wastes no time demanding a performance.

[GrnHeLL] hi
[The Reg] hi
[GrnHeLL] how are you tonight
[The Reg] ok thnks
[GrnHeLL] age
[The Reg] 13 calif
[GrnHeLL] oooooo
[GrnHeLL] very nice
[GrnHeLL] get with dad or just like older men?
[The Reg] my gf told me bout this
[GrnHeLL] what did she tell u
[The Reg] shes busy with somone older so thats why
[GrnHeLL] oh ok
[GrnHeLL] whats her nick
[The Reg] heather
[GrnHeLL] so have you or friend ever had sex
[The Reg] sort of
[GrnHeLL] what do u mean sort of
[GrnHeLL] either you have or not
[The Reg] it depends wat u mean
[GrnHeLL] you have any bro or sis?
[The Reg] yea i hav a bro
[GrnHeLL] ?
[The Reg] hes 16
[GrnHeLL] any pets

[here it comes, so of course we indulge him]

[The Reg] yea heaps of them
[GrnHeLL] dog?
[The Reg] 3 dogs
[GrnHeLL] in house?
[The Reg] some times
[GrnHeLL] right now?
[The Reg] yea why
[GrnHeLL] wondering
[GrnHeLL] where are parents and bro at now?
[The Reg] downstairs
[GrnHeLL] what time there?
[The Reg] after midnight
[GrnHeLL] k
[GrnHeLL] they go to bed soon
[GrnHeLL] computer in your room?
[The Reg] yea
[GrnHeLL] guy ever stuck his d**k inside you?
[The Reg] nope
[GrnHeLL] licked your p***y?
[The Reg] thats personel
[GrnHe||] come on
[GrnHe||] yes?
[GrnHe||] did u like it baby
[The Reg] sorry what?
[GrnHe||] guy lick u
[GrnHe||] you into girls?
[The Reg] no way ... is this the queers chanel?
[GrnHe||] sorry
[GrnHe||] you ever seen a guys d**k?
[The Reg] yea of course
[GrnHe||] u have pic
[The Reg] nop sory
[GrnHe||] k
[GrnHe||] any dogs in your room
[The Reg] yea the setter why
[GrnHe||] tell me what your wearing
[GrnHe||] describe yourself to me baby
[The Reg] haha i thout ur interested in my dogs
[GrnHe||] :)
[GrnHe||] no u
[The Reg] long red hair 4 legs, haha
[GrnHe||] funny
[GrnHe||] tell me about you
[The Reg] u know just a kid average and etcc
[GrnHe||] ?
[The Reg] im not trash ok
[GrnHe||] what?
[GrnHe||] i didnt say u were
[GrnHe||] what makes u say that
[The Reg] nevermind
[GrnHe||] tell me what your wearing
[The Reg] just my shorts and top
[GrnHe||] wanna masturbate together?
[GrnHe||] panties? bra?
[The Reg] see u think im trash
[GrnHe||] no i dont im just asking
[The Reg] i dont understand
[GrnHe||] u know what masturbation is right?
[The Reg] yea im a kid, not an alian
[GrnHe||] what dont u understand
[GrnHe||] i dont think your trash ok
[GrnHe||] i have a good imagination
[The Reg] u wann play with yor d**k
[GrnHe||] YES I DO
[The Reg] ok i get it
[GrnHe||] what size breasts u have
[GrnHe||] i like small
[GrnHe||] long nipples
[GrnHe||] ?
[GrnHe||] :)
[GrnHe||] im 6' 125lbs long blonde hair blue eyes
[The Reg] how old
[GrnHe||] wont leave will you?
[The Reg] unles someon comes upstairs
[GrnHe||] 29
[GrnHe||] ok?
[The Reg] yea ok
[The Reg] kinda old i gues
[GrnHe||] i got ears and nipple and belly pierced
[GrnHe||] gee thanks
[The Reg] my dads only 41
[GrnHe||] can u lock ur door
[The Reg] its locked
[The Reg] already
[GrnHe||] k
[GrnHe||] will you take off your shorts for me babe
[GrnHe||] i want you naked
[GrnHe||] please
[The Reg] hey its winter
[GrnHe||] i know
[GrnHe||] get a blanket

[changes nickname]

[The Reg] so, u got disc?
[Dennis] no i wanted to put my name in
[The Reg] ok

[Dennis now describes in sickening detail what he imagines doing to our character, while repeatedly urging her, "touch yourself". We'll spare you the purple prose and rejoin the scene towards the end.]

[`Dennis] call dog over
[The Reg] what ???
[`Dennis] just do it
[The Reg] i knew it
[`Dennis] let him sniff your fingers
[`Dennis] pleaseeeeee
[The Reg] u realy turn me off
[`Dennis] thats all just let him sniff
[`Dennis] dont get mad
[The Reg] inever had a boy interest in my dam dog
[`Dennis] just do it for me please
[`Dennis] im not interested in your dog i am in you
[`Dennis] i want you to feel good baby
[The Reg] get therapy
[The Reg] bye

Yep, they're out there all right. No question about it. They're evil, and they're twisted, and they treat kids like slaves. Their expectation of a child's on-line sexual performance strongly implies the existence of a subculture in which children are trained, traded, raped and abused -- 'broken in' like animals -- on an almost casual basis.

But in our experience they're not nearly as prevalent as law enforcement, censorship prudes and the mainstream press insist.

Indeed, the kiddie porn Web sites and bulletin boards, as well as the traders' chat rooms, are all relatively difficult to find. One has to show some initiative and determination to come up with anything along the lines of what we detailed above.

Nevertheless, censorship advocates fervently desire to regulate the healthy, innocent pleasures of the many in order to frustrate the destructive, perverse pleasures of the few. Thus in our next segment, we'll consider the ways pedophilia is being used to justify more intrusive Internet surveillance like Carnivore, and censorship initiatives like mandatory filtering. ®

Note: some of the above IRC logs have been edited lightly for clarity or brevity.

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