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Missing Novell server discovered after four years

BOFH meets Edgar Alan Poe

In the kind of tale any aspiring BOFH would be able to dine out on for months, the University of North Carolina has finally located one of its most reliable servers - which nobody had seen for FOUR years.

One of the university's Novell servers had been doing the business for years and nobody stopped to wonder where it was - until some bright spark realised an audit of the campus network was well overdue.

According to a report by Techweb it was only then that those campus techies realised they couldn't find the server. Attempts to follow network cabling to find the missing box led to the discovery that maintenance workers had sealed the server behind a wall.

Things buried behind walls belong more to the world of Edgar Alan Poe than that of the BOFH. And think of the horror facing the college techies if they ever replace this old Novell server with an NT box.

In that case, the terror of the Blue Screen of Death awaits you, fellas. ®

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