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Political cybersquatting: who owns what

It's a right old mess

Updated Following on from the story of the LibDems owning and pulling the site named after Welsh nationalist party Plaid Cymru, here is a rundown of other party sites owned by people other than themselves. We'll update it as more turn up.

Incidentally, the parties' real sites can be found using the endings.

Labour redirects randomly to the main three parties. is owned by Anthony Stewart but has nothing on it is owned by Jack Nicholson apparently and points to the Tonbridge and District Angling and Fish Preservation Society is owned by Russell Horn and points to an SNP site

Conservative is owned by the Socialist Workers is owned by Nick Tolson and is a spoof site is owned WebFusion and features a staff member as "naturist" William Hague is owned by Paul Walters and used to have anti-Tory propaganda but now just points to is owned by Timothy Dewhurst and is quite a funny spoof, especially the asylum bit is owned by Iain Dale and calls itself the Ministry of Silly Regulations

Plaid Cymru is owned by John Dixon, a LibDem councillor. He was made to pull his anti-Plaid Cymru messages is owned by Magmom and has some weird app on it that we can't work out is owned by the Imperial Tories

LibDems is owned by James Tattersall and was a negative site but now points to is owned by serial cybersquatter John Pepin (nothing on it) is also owned by serial cybersquatter John Pepin (nothing on it)

Things are getting a bit more obscure now, but it would seem the Conservatives' lesbian, gay and bi-sexual campaign arm, Torche is cybersquatting on the LibDems LesBiGay arm Delga. points to

And then there was one reader determined to cybersquat on a political-based domain but left empty handed after trying,, and as well as

Our thanks to all those readers that have sent in tips. Keep em coming. ®

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