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AMD ‘on track’ for 30% marketshare, claims exec

Signs are good across the world, says Chimpzilla

AMD reckons it really will achieve its goal of a 30 per cent share of the worldwide microprocessor market by the end of the year.

"We are on track to meet our corporate objective of market share of 30 per cent by the end of this year," said Wee Yep Yin, an AMD Far East marketing manager. "We are seeing a good sign that we are pretty much in that range across the world," he added.

AMD is essentially pinning its hopes on the "modest" revenue growth it expects to see through the rest of 2001 - growth based on sales of its latest Mobile Athlon 4 processor and its upcoming desktop equivalent.

The company also has high hopes for its workstation and server-oriented Athlon MP parts, with which it hopes to win at least ten per cent of the worldwide server market. Of course, with no big-name (ie. big selling) server vendors on its side, that may prove difficult.

However, AMD's successes over the past six months or so at eating into Intel's massive marketshare should certainly give the company reason for optimism, as will analysts' expectations for the PC market's recovery. They reckon buyers will favour powerful but cheap systems, a trend they believe should favour AMD, at least as much as low-cost Pentium 4-based systems.

Last year AMD took around 17 per cent of the processor market. By the end of Q1 2001, that figure had risen to 21 per cent. Q2's figures, when compiled, will make interesting reading. Alongside AMD's aggressive CPU roll-outs, Intel slashed P4 prices, but both may have suffered badly from the sharp downturn in the global semiconductor biz.

For its part, Intel's goal is to maintain a worldwide marketshare of 80 per cent, or so said company VP Paul Otellini last week. ®

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