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Psion goes Swiss with wireless LAN venture

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Psion has created a new services division to widen the appeal of its industrial and enterprise Teklogix division.

Belonging to the 'looks really familiar' school of names, Signa Services (yes, that's really an 'n') is being pitched by Psion as "the only hardware-neutral professional services organisation."

Teklogix, already a mature business when Psion acquired it last year, makes much of being wireless protocol-neutral. Teklogix also brought a clutch of large customers using rival handhelds, which Psion seems happy enough to continue supporting.

The actual devices are probably the least important factor in deciding to deploy a corporate WLAN, so a declaration of independence - Signa has its own branding and web site - is a necessary step.

But what can we extrapolate for Psion's core consumer PDA business? Well, Psion already has an OS neutral device - the much loved, but neglected netBook - which is capable of booting several operating systems from a CF disk (although it's only ever been marketed with Epoc).

In fact a multi-boot netBook is one project that never got past the awkward adolescent stage inside Psion. The company could probably beef up the device with 802.x capabilities and bundle it with Linux on a CF purely as a vertical-markets, industrial play, without too much collateral damage to its software investment in Symbian.

Only then, we'd all want one. ®

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