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Time Computers maverick staff site is here

Welcome back

Updated If you want to check out the highly entertaining website, which airs the views of current and ex Time Computers' employees, click here.

The site used to operate under the URL, but Time Computers has grabbed back that domain. This is no surprise because Tahir Mohsan is the name of Time's founder.

[Update At the time of writing is pointing to the Samaritans homepage.]

Anyway the community pages never really went away, but they've been difficult to track down because of losing the main domain.

The postings on the community pages are immensely informative. There's useful technical information about Time systems; there's scaremongering; suspicious postings from Time's rivals; heated verbal punch-ups between loyal and disloyal staff; and entertaining discussions about the management of Time.

This is what a Mr Mohsan - we suspect this is not the real Tahir Mohsan - says the site is about.

"This site is here for a reason - it is not here to make threats, post immature remarks regarding staff or discuss racial issues, it is here as a tool or knowledge base to allow staff to be that one step ahead of the management, to make staff aware of information that has been withheld or mistold. It serves a purpose also to inform the world of the practices within the Time group so they can make their own informed choices in their future computer purchases."

It's no surprise that Time wanted it shut down. ®

Related Link community page - currently pointing to the Samaritans, but when its directed correctly you have to press refresh to see the Time Group home page

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