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What, exactly, is the point of TechWeb?

Answer: Content Packaging

TechWeb has gone live with its rethink on the IT portal. The design is uncluttered and the content is very corporate ComputerWorld territory. But the inability to track news by day (it's organised by content category) is frustrating.

And there is no original content. TechWeb's role in life is now to be a "content packager" for material generated by MIS tech pubs in CMP's print mag stable.

There's no secret in this: CMP announced its intention to pink slip or redeploy TechWeb's 33 journalists in March (see TechWeb = TechLoser).

TechWeb Take 2 is efficient enough. But what exactly is its point: acting as a shell for CMP's MIS pubs is not exactly the most obvious way to develop a site personality, is it?

It would make far more sense to go the whole hog. Shut down the portal and decentralise site responsibility fully to individual and successful offline brands - Internetweek, Information Week etc... just like IDG does. And just as VNU should do with the tragically unread VNUNet. ®

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