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Eizo FlexScan L461

Flat-panel monitor

Review Flat-panel displays are fast moving out of the luxury category into the affordable one, with prices falling from around £700 for a good 15in model to under £400. As this entry-level screen size becomes more reasonable, manufacturers are now offering users extra inches.

Eizo's FlexScan is one such screen. Instead of the standard 15in, the L461 offers 16in, bridging the gap between cheaper smaller displays and prohibitively expensive larger ones. The screen size of 16in may not sound a dramatic improvement over 15in models, but that extra inch lends it an actual viewing area comparable to a 17in CRT monitor.

Eizo FlexScan L461Resolution support is excellent as well and, at its maximum, it can reach 1280x1024. Adjusting its controls takes no time at all, though small icons can be difficult to make out. The options for adjusting the display are fine, if not overflowing with choice. As befits a modern flat-panel, the Eizo comes with a DVI (digital video interface) connector. This means that image reproduction should be sharper and more faithful to the original source. However, if you don’t have a graphics card with a DV interface, the lack of an RGB connection could prove a problem.

Flat-panels have long since shaken off their reputation for insipid colour palettes and poor character definition. Although the L461's image quality might not be as vibrant as some of its rivals', it's still vivid and colourful. It also boasts a sharp picture, so for high detail work this is an excellent choice.

At £859, the Eizo FlexScan is perhaps a little expensive. But if you do hanker after a little extra workspace and colourful image quality, the L461 is the perfect choice. ®


Price: £859
Contact: 01483 719 500


Flat-panel display: 16in
Interface: DVI
Max resolution: 1280x1024
Pixel pitch: 0.248mm
Dimensions: 384x171x387mm
Weight: 5.7kg
Power consumption: 40W
Warranty: 3-year back to base

This review is taken from the August 2001 issue. All details correct at time of publication.

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