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Palm m125: spec. slips out

To be released later this month, too

More information has leaked out about Palm's upcoming m125 PDA.

Register sources close to a big US electronics retailer largely confirm what we noted last week. And Web site Palm Infocenter has received a leaked datasheet that provides a pretty full description of the machine.

The m125 will be based on a 33MHz Dragonball VZ processor, with 8MB of RAM and 2MB or 4MB of ROM, depending whether you're buying a US model or European one. As the OS is stored on ROM, you can't replace the system software with a newer version. The OS that will ship with the m125 is a modified version of PalmOS 4.0, as expected.

As per previous hints, the new model will sport Palm's Universal Connector, allowing the m125 to use add-ons designed for the m50x family. It will also ship with a USB cradle, and an SD/MMC slot. There's an infra-red port too.

In most respects the m125 looks like other m10x-series PDAs. However, at 6.1oz, it's slightly heavier. The mono screen is the same as that of the m105. The m125's shell is plastic, but apparently has a metallic sheen, presumably to make it look like a budget version of the m500.

August 24 is the anticipated release date; the price: $250. ®

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