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XP hangs, AMD stomps Intel

It's alive

HWRoundup Windows XP is not so happy on some older Pentium III-based notebooks, ExtremeTech says. This article has all you need to know about issues with internal modems that may hang your system.

Tom's Hardware Guide does a

monster CPU article

, reviewing an exhaustive list of AMD and Intel processors, all under Windows XP (complete with an entertaining image of AMD man stomping on Intel man).

Ace's Hardware also has

Athlon XP reviews

, as well as a

mobo review of MSI's K7N420 Pro

featuring the new nForce chipset from Nvidia.

AMD Zone has a

piece on MSI's GeForce MX400

, while the Tech Report looks at

SiS's 315 graphics chipset


Anandtech reviews a

range of mobos

based on VIA's KT266A chipset and surveys its readers to find out about their

Windows XP experience

so far.

HardOCP, featuring a Halloween-inspired masthead, also has a couple of

VIA chipset-based boards on review

, with an interesting editorial about the chipset and its issues in the market.

It also passed comment on our favourite chip news site complaining about Win XP because, as a hardware reviewer, "It is a nightmare due to the constant swapping out of motherboards involved in this job."

HardOCP's reply: "Funny, but we always thought hardware reviewers installed fresh operating systems between platforms. Maybe Fuad ought to go back to Win98 and writing about hardware news instead of trying to review it?" has an in-depth look inside an

HP Jornada 565 running Microsoft's Pocket PC 2002

and gives it 5 out of 5 (except on price). ®

After a very long absence, we'll be jaunting through the hardware sites a couple of times a week. Got something interesting? Then mail us.

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