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IT hacks ‘sceptical’ about UK's digital future

Thank heavens for small mercies

IT journalists are sceptical about the Government's digital plans for the future, according to research from those boffins at MORI.

It seems a majority of the 70 IT journalists quizzed by researchers questioned the Government's ability to put Britain on the digital map.

They also reject the idea that Britain is a leading digital player and are sceptical that the government will be able to meet its plans in this area.

MORI concludes that that e-envoy, Andrew Pinter (sic) will face an "uphill battle in convincing these journalists" that the Government can achieve its e-goals.

Furthermore, seven out of ten journalists disagree with the notion that Britain is at the "forefront of the digital age".

Which is all very damning.

After all, can you believe that as many as three in ten IT journalists actually think Britain is at the forefront of the digital age? ®

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