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Duron 1.2GHz packs Lennox Lewis right hook

3D cards, Comdex coma & more

HWRoundup 3D Graphic accelerator cards steal the headlines this week, with both Tom's Hardware Guide and Cryoeniac running lengthy reports covering a wide range of cards.

Dr Tom features a comparison table on all GeForce 3-based cards, with a close-up on Abit's Siluro GF3, while Tweakers Asylum has a look at a Inno3D Tornado GeForce 3 Ti200 review, putting it through its paces.


Finally, an in-depth Duron 1.2GHz review has surfaced,

Tom's Harware

puts the chip in the ring (after being mostly sidelined last week due to the Comdex commotion) with a few other competitors and watches it give a

Lennox Lewis right hook

to anything that comes close, including a P4 1.5GHz and Celeron 1.2GHz.


The official

Comdex site

proclaims: "Attendance at Comdex continues to surge, and the strength of the event is a frequent topic of conversation among attendees."

Damn right it's been a topic of conversation, about just how empty it's been this year. Over the past week, various sites posted images of empty corridors and their journalists being seduced by flash cars (can you blame them?). Oh well, I suppose Comdex couldn't make a song and dance about falling attendance.

Tech-Report has its coverage of the event, while Anandtech does a lengthy round-up of motherboards in 2002, based on what has been shown off at the event.

Gaming, security & more

Xbox and GameCube have been the gaming highlights of the past week,


has a comparison of the two machines.

The site also has an interesting security round-up, discussing issues with Microsoft's Passport and more, as reported earlier.

This week sees the arrival of the DivX codec for the PocketPC platform on ElecticTech. The free driver supports DivX, OpenDivX, MPEG-4, MPEG-1 videos and MP3 audio. Get the regular Windows-platform driver from DixV here.

A report surfaced last month about RAID-equipment maker 3ware pulling its Escalade line of ATA RAID controllers out of the market to focus on its Palinade line of IP-based products. Well, now it seems to be back (although requests for information from the company have not been answered). StorageReview has a review up of the company's Escalade 7450, which provides improved RAID 5 performance.

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