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Mobo wrestling and maxing 3DMark

MSI update


Mobo wrestling

Tom's Hardware Guide gets its hands on with thirteen motherboards, putting VIA's KT266A chipset head to head with nVidia's nForce 420D. Oh the whole, nVidia feels the force of a VIA smackdown, with a board from Soltek holding the champion's belt at the end of it all. Soyo made a close runner up in the race.

The site is also shouting about its second video, entitled 'Cracking the AMD Athlon XP/MPs'. It has three minutes of 720x576 resolution movie packaged into a 9.9MB file through various tweaking efforts. Get yer mitts on it now.

Talking of mobos, has a review of an Abit KG7-RAID board here.

Chill out, speed up

Time to chill? It seems like everything inside PCs these days needs an ice-block clutched permanently to its forehead. The latest victim is memory modules,


somehow manages to fill five pages with details on everything you need to know about keeping them cooled.

VR-Zone has an article on how to reach a 10,000+ score in 3DMark 2001. It has lots of pics and instructions on what to fiddle with and tweak, all of which gave it a score of 11,199. Prepare to get your work-bench messy.


has an update on the nVidia NV17M graphics chip launched at Comdex and discusses some confusion surrounding its choice of name, as well as picking up on a couple of little features that have been excluded. The site is also promoting its first book, '

The AnandTech guide to PC Gaming Hardware


We discussed some issues with

MSI's K7T266Pro2-RU mobo last week

and provided some links for people looking for advice. Canadian reseller Hard Data is advising users to check their memory module configurations. It says it has experienced issues with modules specifically from supplier Crucial Technology when using two sticks of memory on these boards, although a single stick ran fine.

Other readers have commented on a variety of other possibilities for getting the board to work as it should. A wide variety are posted on MSI's forum.

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