Intel's ‘cut off air supply’ man to return in MS hearings

And there are some other interesting names on the list too...

The nine US States pushing for tougher remedies for Microsoft have unveiled their provisional witness list for March's hearing, and although there are two familiar faces from the earlier phases of the trial, they've clearly decided to cast their net rather wider. This makes sense, given that the States are effectively trying to achieve make a fairly broad-ranging set of remedies stick, while the aim during the main trial was to prove Microsoft guilty of a number of specific misdeeds.

The two veterans are former Netscape boss Jim Barksdale, who will probably be just as dull as he was last time around, and Steve McGeady, he of the "cut off their air supply" meeting with Intel. McGeady made great entertainment the last time he took the stand, and his return should be worth looking forward to.

Otherwise, we have some interesting company names and job titles. AOL is back with a brace of exces, one of them being VP for Advanced Services John Borthwick. Liberate CEO Mitchell Kertzman is on the list, while Novell is sending CTO Carl Ledbetter. There will also be a couple of reps from Sun, a chief corporate architect (we're not sure what that is either) from Oracle and serial Microsoft critic Matthew Szulik, CEO of Red Hat.

Palm may provide us with some interesting testimony on subjects the trial hasn't covered in detail before, as may SBC Product Design Manager Larry Pearson and Nokia's William Plummer. Plummer may just have the most ominous job title of the lot, from Microsoft's point of view - Vice President of Government and Industry Affairs, indeed. And then there's president Erik Simon; his company produces technology for rich media advertising, which implies he's going to tell us something MSN-related. ®

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