Women fail safe text test

Rude SMS

Three out of five mobile users have sent messages they regret when they sober up. And women are worse offenders than men.

According to survey by mobile services firm Zed, the female admitted to "rude" texting, sending confidential messages to the wrong person and SMSing their ex-boyfriends when under the influence.

In the cold light of day, women were more likely to feel guilty about the contents of poorly worded SMS messages - particularly when they discovered they called strangers by mistake.

Zed quizzed adults between 18 and 35 and found that 78 per cent of respondents sent up to three text messages a night when out drinking, with 22 per cent sending four or more.

One in five people have woken up to discover they had to apologise for drunken messages sent during a night on the tiles. ®

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