ITV Digital for sale – on eBay

Barely used, slightly faulty

We don't do digital TV - much. But we love fake auctions on eBay - kidneys, virginity, the national debt etc.

So how could we resist today's appearance of ITV Digital, the tarnished TV company, which went bust the other day, and which is staying bust, following its failure to get its major creditor, the Football League, to accept less than half of the £178.5m it owed.

The administrators have put it up for sale, maybe even on eBay. Here's the description:

Digital television provider, barely used, slightly faulty. Complete with all manuals, unsold set-top boxes, customers and debts.

Quick sale wanted due to legging it away from all the people we owe money to.

Winning bidder pays £178.5m owed to the Football League.

Will accept cash only.

The auction runs until May 2. The highest bidder so far is someone called pissed monkey, who's offered £10m for the "business".

And now for the serious bit

ITV Digital overpaid for second-rate sports rights, when all media companies were overpaying for sports rights. Owners Carlton and Granada, say they are not responsible for its debts - after all, that's what limited liability means. That's fair enough. Equally fair is The Football League's attempt to get Carlton and Granada to pay up. There's no need to drag Carlton and Granada's name into the mud - they're up to their necks in ordure, already. And their web sites are crap. All of them. ®

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