Nominet challenged on personal data changes

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Opponents to Nominet UK's decision to publish contact details of people who own .uk domain names have set up a Web site to voice their protest.

Those behind describe Nominet's decision to publish contact details as "horrendous".

They claim that the move is unpopular among domain name owners and contravenes Nominet's own Terms & Conditions.

Nine out of ten people who've taken part in a straw poll on the site (some 150 people at the last count) said they were against the move.

The protest site also claims the move has not been publicised widely enough.

Other dissenters have voiced fears that the move could breach data protection rules.

However, a spokesperson for Nominet UK dismissed the protests claiming that the move is well within data protection regulations.

And it is also adamant that it is not flouting its own Ts & Cs.

"The publication of names and addresses has always been possible under the T&Cs, although the reference to this has been clarified in the more recent T&Cs," said Nominet UK in a statement.

If domain name owners don't want their personal data made available Nominet UK is advising them to change their details to include a PO Box number or "care of" address. However, Nominet UK has stressed that registrants must still be contactable using the new address details. ®

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