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Knitters knocked by Slipknot fans

Good yarn

Fans of contemporary US music combo Slipknot have sent threatening emails to the polite British ladies of The Knitting & Crochet Guild.

Supporters of the "nu metal" outfit were horrified that the Guild's newsletter shares the name as the band, best known for wearing unpleasant masks and sometimes pooing and vomiting - allegedly - on stage.

Needle match

And in a business where image is increasingly becoming more important that musical talent, that simply wouldn't do.

Rita Taylor, chair of the Guild, told Reuters: "The emails have been pretty unpleasant, telling us that we shouldn't be on the Internet with the word 'Slipknot'.

Wool over eyes

Thankfully, the 1,000 or so members of The Knitting & Crochet Guild are made of solid stuff and said they won't let a few rude words from a bunch of whippersnappers put them off their stitches.

That's the ticket, ladies. ®

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