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We've found the perfect solution to spam

Extraordinary solution

The Internet Research Task Force's (IRTF) quest for an effective solution to spam has struck gold in the form of IT specialist Mark McCarron.

The IRTF's Anti-Spam Research Group (ASRG) mailing list has over the course of the last month carried details of Mr McCarron's remarkable Global ISP Email Identity System (GIEIS) system which he has devised over six years to provide a global system to stop not only spam but also viruses, worms and inappropriate content such as porn.

The system, if adopted, is predicted to bring in revenues of nearly £50 billion and create two million jobs. It would certainly prove controversial however, since it would mean abolishing the accepted email and news protocols SMTP and NNTP and involve the introduction of a centralised authentication point for all emails.

The remarkable plan has already caused some trouble on the ASRG list, with chair Peter Judge restricting Mr McCarron's access claiming that he was over-posting. Mr McCarron has retaliated by accusing Mr Judge of having a clear conflict of interests since he works for anti-spam company CipherTrust.

CipherTrust gains directly from the continued problem of unsolicited emails through the sale of its IronMail product. It also produces, like most anti-spam companies, suspiciously large estimates of the impact spam has on business.

Fortunately for Mr Judge though, he has an excellent excuse. Step forward Mark McCarron.

NTL user Mark prefers to use Hotmail addresses like and and lives in Northern Ireland. His dedicated site for GIEIS (found at, goes into extraordinary depth to explain his vision for the anti-spam system, covering every possible impact and aspect with diagrams, menus, tables, schematics. And the system is provided with a new version release number at extremely regular intervals (it is currently at 0.007).

The annotated diagrams show tremendous labour and each element appears to have been produced on computer, printed out, cut up and pasted on a separate sheet and then scanned in to make a jpeg. Lengthy acronyms are par for the course as are number lists and other no-doubt recently learnt HTML coding put into pages that allude to no-doubt recently learnt but poorly understood email and network protocols and processes.

Unfortunately, Mr McCarron has been reluctant to answer in-depth questions on his scheme for fear of giving away too much information. He has also made a novel use of the copyright logo, insisting that its appearance on the website extends to intellectual copyright. Unfortunately, despite all the detail that appears on the site, there is no coherent solution or philosophy to it plus an absence of critical thought.

The Life of Brian

When one poster called Brian Hamilton stood up for Mr McCarron's work, it unfortunately soon appeared that Brian (using Hotmail address bhamilton20030201) had only very recently registered as a member and had sent an email from exactly the same IP address as Mr McCarron had sent one from minutes earlier. This was extremely unusual since both came from NTL and NTL uses dynamic IP addresses. So either Brian lives with Mark or, just possibly, Brian is Mark.

Reviewing parts of Brian's post would appear to give a clue: "I think everyone on this list should carefully consider what Mr McCarron is proposing. I understand the point about Mr McCarron being annoying and posting frequently on the matter. On the other hand, 'GIEIS' is only what I can describe as being a perfect architecture. It is funny the contrast between the creator and the architecture."

And: "'GIEIS' is the simply one of the best proposals we have ever encountered. All I would suggest is that you do not attempt to judge the system based upon its creator."

These multiple people living in Mr McCarron's house and using his computer at the same time have also cropped up on another website: Atlantic Rising. Atlantic Rising is unafraid of confronting and debunking accepted truths, although to the ignorant observer it would appear to be filled with conspiracy theories and pseudo-philosophical and mystical junk.

Mr McCarron has been extremely busy sharing his insights on Atlantic Rising, posting (under his name at least) a remarkable 263 posts in June alone. Describing himself as an IT specialist, alternative researcher and primer theory developer, he lists his interests as primer technologies, Giza Necropolis, IT, anti-cryptography, EMR, microwaves, radiowaves and religion.

What's in a Name?

One of those may appear familiar - "Giza Necropolis" is also the name of Mr McCarron's GIEIS homepage. In fact, GIEIS bears a striking resemblance to the two words. Could the Global ISP Email Identity System be nothing more than the first two letters of "Giza", the last two of "Necropolis" and an "e" thrown in for good measure?

What's even stranger is that until very recently the GIEIS site contained a similar hugely complex but logically incoherent site regarding the Giza Necropolis. What is the Giza Necropolis? The Great Pyramid of Egypt.

Mr McCarron has previously described himself as an expert on Giza Necropolis and was until recently an advisory board member of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association - it can be found at Mr McCarron's details have since been removed but director of the association Dr John De Salvo (who is an expert on the Shroud of Turin - no, really) informed us in an email that there were no bad feelings between them: "Mark was at one time an advisory board member of our association and he left at his own free will," read an email reply.

Fortunately, a copy of Mr McCarron extensive research still exists on the Net and can be found here. For those who were beginning to doubt Mr McCarron's authority, you will no doubt be swayed by his argument.

Here is just a summary of this masterpiece of numerology: "In short, we have made an unbelievable discovery. We have proved the existince [sic] of a highly advanced pre-flood culture. The pyramid and the Giza Necropolis are a way of establishing communication through Universal mathematics, geometry, and a time capsule approach. What they have been trying to tell us is there is an asteroid 1/3 the size of Earth heading towards us. It is approaching on the day time side of the Sun. It will be visible from Earth in 2004 in the direction of Polaris. Key sites around the World are a triangulation of it position."

No, hang on, just a little bit more: "I have also been examining the correlation between the Great Pyramid, the HAARP project (Alaska), and the moscow 'woodpecker' signal (10Htz). The similarities are astounding. Their purpose or rather, their capabilities of affecting human perception, thought processes and motor function are the same."

Please tell me more, you cry. "Pyramid means 'fire in the middle'. The water is put into a vortex in the 'unfinished chamber' creating an immense centrifugal force. The shockwave delivered to the pyramid itself by the water causes an occilation [sic] of the 3 million tons Quartz contained within the limestone. The shockwave has a specific timing in hertz, we're thinking somewhere around 733 Htz (or F# on the musical scale). The charge built up in the pyramid causes an intense electromagnetic field which ionises the low-level radiation coming off the surrounding stonework. This ionisation 'transmutates' (breaks apart) the water molecules into Hydrogen and oxygen."

So not only does the Pyramid spell out impending asteroid doom, it is also a tool for altering human perception and a giant nuclear fission chamber that will create limitless power from water. Does this by any chance remind anyone of any sci-fi films?

So, no, sadly, it seems as though the search for the perfect anti-spam system goes on. And Mr McCarron will needless find another subject that will put his particular skills to good use. Maybe a solution to spam really is nothing but a fantasy. ®

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We've found the perfect solution to spam: Mark takes the stand

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