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Prescott to clock higher at launch than anticipated

Intel roadmap confirms recent reports

Prescott, the next generation of Pentium 4, is likely to debut at a higher clock speed than previously anticipated, if the latest leaked Intel roadmap is adhered to by the chip giant.

The leaked roadmap, sent this time to Cnet,, pegs Prescott at 3.4GHz rather than 3.2GHz, ramping up to 3.6GHz during Q1 2004. The chip, which will double the current P4's L2 cache to 1MB, feature and enlarged L1 cache, better HyperThreading and add 13 new instructions, will cost $637 on arrival - the same price at which the 3.2GHz Pentium 4 recently debuted. It will be launched in Q4.

The roadmap confirms previously reported October P4 price cuts, the first since the last round of reductions, last month. Those cuts will come on 26 October, suggesting Prescott will debut on or not long after that date.

On that date, the 3.2GHz P4, which operates with a 200MHz frontside bus quad-pumped for an effective bus speed of 800MHz, will fall to $417, a reduction of 34.5 per cent. Other 800MHz FSB P4 prices will fall too, with the price of the 3GHz chip being reduced from $417 to $278 (a fall of 33.4 per cent), the 2.8GHz version falling from $278 to $218 (down 21.6 per cent) and the 2.6GHz part coming down to $178 from $218 (down 18.3 per cent). The 2.4GHz chip will stay where it is, at $178.

The 533MHz FSB 3.06GHz P4 will fall from $401 to $262, a dip of 34.7 per cent. The 2.8GHz version will fall to $193 from $262 (down 26.3 per cent) and the 2.66GHz release will be priced at $163, down 15.5 per cent from $193. The 2.53GHz P4 will also fall from $193 to $163. Prices are per chip based on orders of 1000 units.

The roadmap also notes the release of a 2.7GHz Celeron part during the second half of the year, and a round of price cuts made to the 2.6GHz version and below on 24 August.

Intel has already announced the availability of Dothan, the 90nm successor to the current 130nm mobile Pentium M chip, better known as Banias. Intel has said it will contain 2MB of L2 cache. We've already reported that the chip will ship at 1.8GHz - the new roadmap adds the chip's price point: $637.

It also pegs the release of a 1.9GHz version to Q1 2004, followed by a 2GHz part in Q2. Q4 2003 will see the arrival of 1.2GHz Low Voltage Dothans; a 1.3GHz version will follow in Q1 2004.

That quarter will also see the arrival of a 1.3GHz mobile Celeron with a 400MHz effective bit rate frontside bus and a 512KB L2 cache - double that found on today's parts. It will be accompanied by an 800MHz Ultra Low-voltage version. ®

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