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Oi, you! Don't be a 'tosser'!

Bank Holiday warning

Environmental lobby group Keep Britain Tidy has warned motorists not to toss their rubbish onto roads and verges as they drive around the country this holiday weekend.

Hand-held signs bearing the slogan 'Don't be a Tosser' will be flashed at motorists as part of the campaign in a bid to stop people littering.

Among the haul of junk found by the roadside - other than the usual redundant keyboards, monitors, printers and other computer stuff - environmentalists have found a pantomime horse's head, false limbs and a suitcase containing a wad of cash.

"Roadside rubbish is a major problem especially at holiday time, because it gives tourists the impression that we're a nation of pigs," said Alan Woods, chief exec of Keep Britain Tidy.

"With broken glass, big bits of plastic and lighted cig ends being dumped on our motorways, it's also only a matter of time before it causes a fatal car crash," he said. ®

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