Texting blamed for movie flops

And not dodgy plots, characters, etc.

Could this be one the greatest excuses of modern times? Apparently movies flop because… get this… of texting, instant messaging and email.

That's right, movie makers can no longer chuck loadsamoney at plugging films in the fairly confident hope that investing in hype will ensure a box-office smash.

Why? Because movie-goers are so quick to text/IM/email their pals that such-and-such a film is a load of old tosh, potential audiences can be persuaded to stay away, turning a hit into a right horror.

Of course, the flip side is that a good review from viewers could catapult a low-budget movie into the heady realms of a blockbuster. You get the picture.

Anyhow, this view of the potential damage caused by modern communication was relayed by the Independent, courtesy of the LA Times.

It's also explored here in some depth by Hollywoodreporter.com. ®

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