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Show me the Terrorists

Insurance Scam?

Letter "As reported by, preparing for disasters is becoming increasingly important for small firms, who have had to deal with rising business vandalism and theft, various floods and the threat of terrorism over the past few years. "

Disasters proving to be terminal for many small firms

From Daren Nestor

Now, I would contest that ANY British firm has had to deal with a "Threat of Terrorism" over the last few years, certainly compared to the last 30.

In fact, I would hazard to guess that the likelihood of a major terrorist incident in the UK as a whole is greatly, greatly reduced since the start of the Peace Process in the North of my pretty little country. So I can only conclude that this "Threat of terrorism" insurance increase has one of two likely causes:

1. It's a cynical plot on the part of the insurance companies to screw yet more cash out of defenceless consumers to cover the losses they incurred with the stock market crash.

2. It's an inferiority complex on the part of the British, who feel that they must copy the United States on absolutely everything, including this.

I think it's 1, personally. And I think it's a disgrace. I would like to see, quantified, exactly where the terrorist risk to a small business anywhere in the UK is. Including South Armagh which is a terrorist hotbed, after all.

I'm going to stop my rant here, and thank you for your time.


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