Speaking in Tech: Biz bods LIVE from OpenStack Summit

Is it 'still a box of razor blades'? Hear it from biz bods


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It's another episode of Speaking In Tech, all ready to download to your phone or tablet to make your commute home that much more informative and funny. Join your host, Greg Knieriemen, as he hosts an all-star panel at the OpenStack Summit in Paris to debate the pros and cons of deploying OpenStack as a service or as a distribution.

The panel includes: Jan Mark Holzer - CTO Office, Red Hat; Kenneth Hui - Business Development Manager, EMC; Caroline McCrory - Senior Director, Research, Gigaom; Jesse Proudman - CTO and Founder, Blue Box; Manju Ramanathpura, CTO - Intelligent Platforms, HDS; and Boris Renski- Co-founder and CMO at Mirantis.

These were the topics that came up during the panel discussion...

  • Panel introductions (0:45)
  • The case for OpenStack as a Service (2:05)
  • The case for OpenStack as a Distribution (4:35)
  • Defining services and distributions… and delivery (6:52)
  • Services at scale and different market segments for OpenStack (10:48)
  • OpenStack: "Still a box of razor blades" (15:17)
  • OpenStack use case focus and goals (18:45)
  • Control of data with service providers (20:17)
  • Work loads in the right place (27:13)
  • Maintaining distros: keeping up with OpenStack (28:05)
  • Avoiding "The Enron Effect" with Platform as a Service (33:30)
  • Adhering to API consistency (36:10)
  • The "unfair advantage" of services (39:55)

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

Speaking in Tech: Episode

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