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Nokia phone explodes in Finland

Counterfeit battery to blame

Nokia has confirmed that one of its 3310 handsets, which exploded and caused minor injuries to a woman in Finland yesterday, was equipped with a rogue battery.

The woman was taken to hospital but it's understood that her injuries were not severe, according to reports.

The incident is the latest in a worrying line of incidents involving exploding Nokia phones. In all cases, Nokia reports that the batteries used are made by third parties and are simply not up to scratch.

Last month, Nokia warned punters not to use counterfeit batteries and to ensure that those used were genuine Nokia products.

Said the phone giant in a statement: "Using inferior quality standards may lead to these types of incidents [exploding phones] occurring. The best way to prevent such incidents is to use only original Nokia enhancements and to buy them from an authorized or other reputable dealer."

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