Intel ship Banias-based Mobile Celeron

Shouldn't that be 'Dothan-based'...?

Intel has confirmed that it is already shipping Mobile Celeron processors based on the 'Banias' core already available in the Pentium M chip.

What's more interesting, however, is that the part in question is based on Banias, and not the 90nm 'Dothan' core, as originally roadmapped.

The chip is the 800MHz Ultra-low Voltage Mobile Celeron. A CNET report this week cites an Intel spokeswoman who confirmed that the chip giant had begun shipping the Banias-based part to a number of Tablet PC vendors.

Officially, the 800MHz chip is due to ship during Q1 2004, but Intel often ships ahead of the official release date to allow computer manufacturers to build up sufficient stocks to launch their own products alongside the chip's official debut.

And there it is on Intel's roadmap: Q1 2004, 800MHz Mobile Celeron, branded as the '800A'. However, the roadmap shows the part is Dothan-based with 512KB of on-die L2 cache, and not the Banias-based part described by the Intel spokeswoman.

Intel is expected to release a Banias-based Mobile Celeron next quarter, clocked at 1.3GHz and also containing 512KB of L2. Both chips supersede older, Pentium III 'Tualatin'-based parts with 256KB of L2. ®

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