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Site Offer The Tool Command Language (tcl) is two things: a comprehensive scripting language; and an interpreter specifically designed to easily be embedded into applications. The latest edition of Tcl/Tk8.4 offers:

  • powerful improvements in functionality
  • flexibility
  • performance!

This week, The Reg readers can get their hands on THE Bible for Tcl programmers - Practical Programming in Tcl/Tk - and yes, at a reduced price, £27.99!

The book covers Tcl/Tk 8.4 in detail and has many programming examples. Why not check out the FREE sample chapter download, here you'll find details on the best ways to use the toolkit, accurate details on the language and extensive examples which demonstrate the most effective way to use the toolkit and GUI.

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  • Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk
    RRP £39.99 - Reg price - £27.99 - Saving £12.00 (30 per cent)
    Practical Programming in Tcl/Tk is described as the "bible" for Tcl programmers.

If Tcl/Tk doesn't tickle your fancy then why not check out these tantalising titles below - all with a stonking 30 per cent discount!

  • OpenGL® 1.4 Reference Manual
    RRP £45.99 - Reg price - £32.19 - Saving £13.80 (30 per cent)
    OpenGL is a powerful software interface used to produce high-quality comptuer graphics. The OpenGL Reference Manual, referred to commonly by programmers as "The Blue Book", provides definitive and comprehensive information on OpenGL and the OpenGL Utility Library.
  • Holy Grail of Network Storage Management, The
    RRP £39.99 - Reg price - £27.99 - Saving £12.00 (30 per cent)
    The comprehensive guide to vendor neutral networked storage management product offerings that delivers real business value! Provides an objective analysis of the latest storage technology trends and the capabilities of storage networking technology.
  • MCSE Windows XP Professional Practice Questions Exam Cram 2 (Exam 70-270)
    RRP £14.50 - Reg price - £10.15 - Saving £4.35 (30 per cent)
    The MCSE 70-270 Windows XP Professional exam is a core operating system exam for Professionals pursuing their Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 MCSE certification.
  • iTunes 4 for Macintosh and Windows
    RRP £14.99 - Reg price - £10.49 - Saving £4.50 (30 per cent)
    With its iTunes Music Store dubbed the No. 1 download music service in the world and a slew of new features designed to make the digital music experience easier, better, and accessible to all, iTunes 4 is turning the music world on its ear.
  • XML Schema Companion, The
    RRP £30.99 - Reg price - £21.69 - Saving £9.30 (30 per cent)
    The XML Schema Companion brings you up to speed on XML Schema with clarity, thoroughness, and precision. It's the perfect introduction and reference for every content specialist, architect, and developer.
  • CCNP Self-Study
    RRP £46.99 - Reg price - £32.89 - Saving £14.10 (30 per cent)
    Learn CCNP BCMSN 642-811 network switching concepts with the only early stage book based on the course and authorized by Cisco Systems.
  • Real World Digital Video
    RRP £37.99 - Reg price - £26.59 - Saving £11.40 (30 per cent)
    Thoroughly updated guide provides soups-to-nuts coverage of the video production process for all of today's filmmakers! Real-world techniques for producing independent features, documentaries, business communications videos, scripted presentations, and more.
  • Macintosh Bible, The
    RRP £26.99 - Reg price - £18.89 - Saving £8.10 (30 per cent)
    The revised Mac Bible has it all: the brightest Mac minds, the best tips, the most comprehensive Mac instruction -- all in a single volume! Leaders of the Mac community address every aspect of Mac use here, packing in hundreds of tips, trivia, sidebars, and other goodies along the way.

This week we've got three w's of books, but it's nothing to do with the Internet... plan your retirement, explore new career opportunities and why not read the book for every executive with a busy lifestyle - Weak at the Top.

  • Wealth After Work
    RRP £17.99 - Reg price - £12.59 - Saving £5.40 (30 per cent)
    Whatever your aspirations, Wealth After Work is written with you in mind. The last thing you need is a dull grey guide to the twilight world of pensioners.
  • Which MBA?
    RRP £34.99 - Reg price - £24.49 - Saving £10.50 (30 per cent)
    The MBA is becoming a necessity for anyone wanting to explore new career opportunities, accelerate personal development and increase their salary, but taking an MBA isn't a decision that should be taken lightly.
  • Weak at the Top
    RRP £7.99 - Reg price - £5.59 - Saving £2.40 (30 per cent)
    A highly entertaining read by the extremely successful man behind top reads such-as columns in Business Life magazine and Weak at the Top for Management Today! A book for every executive with an equally busy lifestyle!

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