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Elitegroup preps 'transition' Socket T mobos

Move to Grantsdale without ditching your old RAM, graphics card

Elitegroup (ECS) will begin shipping a pair of AGP-to-PCI Express transition motherboards this coming August, the Taiwanese mobo maker said today.

Aimed at users and system builders who want to take advantage of Intel's latest processor and chipset technology, but who also want to bring as much as they can over from older machines, the 915P-A and 915P-A2 provide AGP 8x graphics and DDR SDRAM slots in addition to the PCI Express x16 and DDR 2 support favoured by Intel's 'Grantsdale' chipset.

Both boards are based in Intel's i915P chipset. The 915P-A provides two 184-pin DDR slots and two 240-pin slots, allowing up to 2GB to be added to the host system. Alongside the PCI Express x16 slot for graphics and PCI Express x1 for other add-in cards sit an AGP 8x slot and a pair of PCI connectors.

The 915P-A2 provides four 184-pin DDR slots enabling support for 4GB of memory, but there's no DDR 2 support. With no AGP 8x either, this mobo is aimed more at users who are shifting to PCI Express but simply don't want to invest in DDR 2.

Both boards provide four Serial ATA ports, one IDE connector, four USB 2.0 ports, 10/100Mbps Ethernet and six multi-purpose audio jacks driven by Intel's High Definition Audio sub-system. Both support Socket T LGA-775 Pentium 4 processors.

The 915P-A2 will retail for £69, the 915P-A for £75 when they ship in the UK next month. Prices exclude VAT. ®

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