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America Online is to flog affordable PCs in the US in a bid to sign up new punters to its Internet service.

The "AOL Optimized PC" will cost $299.99 (£165) with punters committed to spend a further $23.90 (£13) a month for 12 months for AOL's Net service. The package is to be made available shortly.

With AOL losing punters, it's pinning its hopes on the fact that this package will prove tempting to the 27 per cent of US households that don't have a home computer.

Said AOL exec, Kenn Turner: "We're addressing the needs of the millions of Internet intenders who are first-time PC buyers or novice computer users.

"They've told us that affordability and an interest in making one simple buying decision for everything they need to use the computer and get online is important to them. We think the complete AOL Optimized PC solution delivers unprecedented value, while maintaining performance and quality."

The AOL Optimized PC - which includes an Intel Celeron processor and Windows XP Home Edition - incudes a monitor, printer, speakers, mouse and keyboard.

AOL UK has no plans to offer a similar deal, said a spokesman for the ISP. ®

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