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ATI unwraps All-in-Wonder X800 XT

Dongles ahoy

ATI this week unveiled the Radeon X800-based All-in-Wonder X800 XT, its latest top-end multimedia card.

The card's GPU sports 16 pixel processing pipelines fed by six vertex pipelines. In addition to the usual 3D graphics capabilities, ATI leverages the GPU to provide what it claims is superior de-interlacing, video noise reduction and playback acceleration for video from TV and DVD sources.

The All-in-Wonder integrates a digital TV tuner which doubles-up as an FM radio receiver. It can decode MPEG 1, 2 and 4; Real Media; DivX and Microsoft Windows Media Video 9, ATI said.

Output comes courtesy of the usual D-SUB and DVI outputs, but there's also a new, proprietary connector that links up to ATI's 'domino' IO blocks, which can be easily fixed together and offer a wide range of video and audio input and output ports.

The card comes with ATI's latest Multimedia Center software, which incorporates EazyLook, a simple Media Center-style UI designed for users sitting a few metres away from their PC's screen. ATI has also included the usual Gemplus GuidePlus+ North American - European cards will feature an alternative, local online TV guide.

US All-in-Wonder X800 XTs will ship with an ATI-specific version of Pinnacle Studio 9, muvee autoProducer and Matchware Mediator 7 software, and ATI's Remote Wonder II remote control. Again, European software and remote bundles may differ, depending on card OEMs' own preferences.

European board makers already signed up to offer the part include Connect 3D, HIS, Info-Tek, Sapphire and Tul. ATI itself will ship the board in North America, later this quarter. European availability is set for the Q3/Q4 timeframe. ®

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