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Xonix 256MB MP3 Watch

An iPod on your wrist? While an MP3 watch may seem like an obvious development in the wearable device market, examples to reach the UK's shores have been few, and far, between, writes Dan Leonard.

The Xonix 128MB MP3 Player Watch is one of these first MP3 Player watches to arrive. The watch itself is analogue-style, with a range of flashing indicator lights, side buttons and a sporty strap.

Xonix 256MB MP3 USB watchUnfortunately, the look is garish and the build quality dire. The plastic strap is uncomfortable, and thanks to the USB plugs hanging from it, as ugly as the face of the watch itself.

"With 256MB of memory, a graphic equalizer and 3D Stereo sound" - as the blurb puts it - one might be foolish to think the Xonix MP3 watch would be the perfect way to combine purpose and enjoy music on the move. One would be surely - and thanks to the strap sorely - mistaken.

Although the headphones were missing from our review model, accompanying literature assures us they are comfortable to wear and have an extra-long lead. With an alternative set, we hit problems. Running the lead up one's sleeve works well enough (the schoolboy's favourite), but without such cover, the chances of snagging oneself on passing cyclists, commuters, hedges (delete as appropriate) are massively increased.

The controls may be a little confusing, but the buttons are clearly marked (perhaps too clearly to be stylish) and the back of the watch has a helpful navigation menu guide. Unfortunately, this can't be seen when the watch is worn.

The good news is that one Flash device is much the same as another. As such, the Xonix MP3 watch ticks the usual boxes on the functionality front: 256MB storage, file storage and voice recording. In fact, Xonix offer your choice of branding, so expect to see various grey import versions of this product.

The Xonix comes with a mains charger, installation CD and a USB cable to bridge the gap between the strap plug and your computer.


At least it works on Mac OS X and 9, as well as Windows (98/Me/XP), but for best results, stick to MP3 and WMA - it didn't take too well to iTunes or more varied file formats. There's a separate battery for the watch, so even when the MP3 is flat, you will still be able to tell the time. Awkward to wear, awkward to use, but despite the naff look and feel, it doesn't sound too bad. ®

Xonix 256Mb MP3 Player Watch
Rating 40%
Pros — Average sound, storage and voice recording
Cons — Ugly, impractical, uncomfortable
Price £129
More info The Xonix site

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