Topless teen wins trivia game ban

Only 17 when software's 'hotties' video taken, plaintiff alleges

A PC, PS2 and Xbox-based trivia game has been banned in the US after a teenager alleged that the title contains topless video pictures of her, used not only without her permission but filmed when she was a minor.

Called The Guy Game, the software poses the player with a range of trivia questions. Answer them successfully and you're shown shots of young women cavorting on beaches, usually in a state of undress.

The plaintiff, who remains unnamed, took the game's developer, Austin-based Top Heavy Studios, and its publisher, Take-Two subsidiary Gathering of Developers, to court on the back of her allegations, and this week was granted an temporary injunction banning the game from sale.

The teenager claims to have suffered humiliation, embarrassment and shame as a result of her alleged appearance in the game, which went on sale in the US in the summer, offering piccies of "over 60 smokin' coeds" and "real video of actual Spring Break hotties". Women "proudly show off their 'assets' for your personal enjoyment", runs the game's spiel.

Unfortunately, the footage of the plaintiff was taken when she was 17 years old, she claims. That not only renders the content illegal, but her status as a minor negates any consent she may have given to the game's developers to take and/or use the material.

"The plaintiff is still a teenager and wishes to attend college, develop her career and be active in her community and church," the lawsuit said. ®

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