You, El Reg and a doctor walk into a Monopoly Pubcrawl chinwag

Connect the connectivity dots

Live Chat You've no doubt been enjoying El Reg's scintillating coverage of our magnificent 3G/4G data Monopoly pub crawl, so now's your chance to quiz GWS chief Dr Paul Carter on the whole shebang.

On Friday 29 August, we held a live chat with the man himself, to explain the decisions that were made in testing and to look at some of the interesting lessons learned, such as when mobile networks have better upload than download capabilities and who is sacrificing 3G to promote 4G.

To provide some context, you might want to take a look at the London landmarks taprooms we visited, marvel at the number of pints we necked and - most importantly of all - cast your eyes on all that lovely data.

And let's not forget the key point of our tests: the winners for voice, 3G and 4G data.

Find a transcript of the chat below.

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