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Sony Ericsson K750i

The best multimedia handset yet?

Sony Ericsson D750iThe handset comes with 37MB of memory but also ships with a 64MB MemoryStick Duo, which locates itself snugly in the bottom right-hand side of the body, and can be upgraded to 2GB. You can download files onto the phone from the web, with the standard double-whammy of charges for content and data applying, or they can also be transferred by Bluetooth, infrared or USB, with the phone mounting as a standard external drive on both Macs and PCs. The K750i ships with its own Sync software, to allow the handset to tie-in with office applications such as Outlook, although this advanced system is solely for PCs.

We've got a lot less gripes with this update than with the K700i. The shutter release is very slow, but it's a phone so you should consider yourself lucky to have a shutter release in the first place. The handset can be charged by USB, while it's attached to a computer, but the literature seems to omit the amount of time this will take. I left a K750i attached to my Mac overnight and discovered it was still virtually flat in the morning. Directly connecting to a socket will charge the battery in four hours. Sony Ericsson has gone and changed the charger point on the base of the handset to their new 'Fast Port' system, which is only annoying if you've already got a Sony Ericsson handset and wanted to have chargers in two places.


The K750i is fantastic. The downsides seem like quibbles when compared with the dramatic improvements made over the K700i. The camera alone would almost sell it to me but combine it with the MP3, the radio, the all-points covered connectivity and the simple Internet set-up and I'm really sold. The technology comes at a price, but Sony Ericsson have always charged a premium for offering a SIM-free purchase service. If you're already a fan of the design and you've got an upgrade coming up, this handset will easily see you through the next few years of multimedia evolution and smart-device wars until the next generation of do-everything handhelds emerge.

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Sony Ericsson K750i
Rating 90%
Pros The looks; simple operations; screen; 2mp camera; entertainment facilities.
Cons Slow USB charge; Sync software; new charging point.
Price £300 SIM-free; less if bought via an operator
More info The Sony Ericsson K750i site

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