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The 39 megapixel camera, iPod pants and more

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Certified gadget obsessives Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny scour Gizmoville for the oddest digital goodies, TV Scoop features all that’s cool in British telly and Propellerhead answers your PC queries.

39 megapixel camera back

It was only a couple of years ago we were getting excited over the arrival of a 1.3 megapixel digital camera. So we are suitably gobsmacked at the prospect of the P 45 camera back from Phase One - weighing in at a whopping 39 megapixels!

If snapping is your occupation or you are a suitably deranged and wealthy enthusiast, the P 45 promises incredible speed and efficiency, with a capture rate of 35 frames per minute and write speed of up to 20 MB per second. And if you need a large image, the P 45's 117 MB per file size should more than cover it. The P 45 digital camera also includes Phase One's secure storage system (3S) technology, which eliminates the risk of writing to damaged storage media by first checking the validity on every compact flash storage card inserted in the camera back. Incidentally if you were wondering a digital camera back is designed to be teamed up with a modular professional SLR. While it sounds great – it doesn’t make phone calls like this beauty though.

iPod pants

Play Underwear iBoxers are real one might expect, they are boxer shorts with a small pocket built in to hold an iPod (or, if you prefer, cellphone or other MP3 player) because it's very, very important we are never without our gadgets, no matter what stage of undress we may be in. Available in prints or solid colours, the iBoxer retails for $22. and if you buy 2 pairs you get 3 iTunes downloads for free. And please remember, one may never be fully dressed without their MP3 player these days, but just because you're wearing one in your skivvies does not mean you can leave the house without your trousers.

3’s Pupillo surveillance camera

While you are out of the home your living room is a real hive of activity. Clocks tick, your DVD player's LED display flickers, spiders crawl across the floor and the toys stashed away in your cupboard stage their own mini Olympics on your rug. Well if you are a 3 customer you can now capture teddy versus Roboraptor in the all age pole vault as the network has unveiled the Pupillo, a surveillance camera for your home. Basically it lets you make video calls so you get to see exactly what is happening in your room. As it is battery powered you can site it anywhere too and it is Night Vision equipped as well so you can capture images in the dark. Yours for £150

Propellerhead tip of the day

When Firefox won’t let you view a page

We all know that Firefox is quite simply the best web browser there is - fast, secure and free - but sad to say there are still some web sites that simply don’t work, or are prevented from opening in Firefox and the only solution is to use Internet Explorer. Microsoft Update is one such, and it has an excuse, but there are others - and we know who you are - but rather than faffing around here’s a way to get Firefox to open IE and display the rogue page. It requires a simple add-on or ‘extension called IE View and you can download it from the Mozilla web site. Once installed and you’re on a troublesome page just right click into an empty area of the desktop and select ‘View this page in IE’ and Internet Explorer opens automatically.

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