Tom Cruise continues net crusade

Sends in the lawyers to recapture his name

Tom Cruise has embarked on a crusade to win back his name right across the net.

Not content with taking notorious cybersquatter Jeff Burgar to WIPO for control of, the diminutive film star has sent in the lawyers to get hold of other domains sporting his name.

As a result, both and are now in the hands of domain legal specialists Trout & Zimmer, hired by Tom to ensure that a nasty outbreak of online Tom Cruise mockery is held at bay.

It's unknown whether Cruise intends to do anything with the domains, or how far the net crusade will go. As things stand, of the other global top-level domains he doesn't have, is owned by Konstantinos Zournas in Greece; by Domain Registry Support in New York; and by Korean company called Yesnic Co Ltd.

Can we expect the owner of country-code domains such as or to be next on the list for special attention? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, Cruise continues to be a figure of fun on the net, with large numbers of bloggers relishing in the fact that his latest film, Mission Impossible III, did not have the opening week success that was expected. Also, is currently the third ranked link in a Google search for the great man.®

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