Who thinks Microsoft Edge sucks? Erm, Microsoft

Redmond in web swoop after launch of Internet Explorer's replacement

Microsoft relaunched Internet Explorer this week as "Edge" – and the software behemoth appears already prepared to accept that its super new browser may absolutely suck.

At the same time as the new name was announced at its Build conference in San Francisco, the Redmond biz instructed brand protection company MarkMonitor to register a number of domain names, including:

  • MicrosoftEdgeSucks.com
  • MSEdgeSucks.com
  • MSFTEdgeSucks.com
  • WhyEdgeSucks.com

But it looks as though it has stayed away from buying domains associated with the controversial new king of online suckage: the .sucks top-level domain name, which caused a furore by charging companies $2,500 for a .sucks domain featuring their brandname. So, no, there is no MicrosoftEdge.sucks for now.

For the same price as MicrosoftEdge.sucks, you can get roughly 250 dot-coms or 50 domain names ending in new dot-words like .blog. As such Microsoft has also grabbed the typo domains microsoftede.com and microsoftegde.com.

But in a sign that when it comes to the internet Microsoft is reliably several years behind, it doesn't appear to have registered Edge-related domains using any of the hundreds of new top-level domains – such as .online – that have gone live in the past year. So no MicrosoftEdge.cool or MicrosoftEdge.loans.

That said, in a tentative show of confidence, Microsoft has only registered its "sucks" dot-coms for a year. Perhaps it's hoping that by then its new browser engine and Windows 10 operating system will have erased from our minds Internet Explorer's lackluster decade, marking a new era of Microsoft products that don't suck.

By the way, the domain microsoftedge.rocks is still available for just $10 right now.

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? ®

Hat tip to Domain Name Wire for spotting newsworthy domain registrations.

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