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Naked builders hate ugly logos, but don't frequent Google Maps

A lucky escape for the rest of us?

Friday again, folks, and you, our very own chattering masses, have been pressing enter like crazy. We'll start with an issue that seemed to unite us all for a few days.

The London 2012 Olympics logo was launched on Monday to universal derision. Opinions were divided over what it was meant to be and what it actually looks like, but not whether it is a load of rubbish:

Does anyone else see the logo as an abstract representation of a big haired woman (possibly Macy Gray) giving someone a blow job?


Probably the most popular choice (albeit with some variation in who is performing the service), perhaps unsurprisingly given where all your minds immediately tend to go. Shame on you all.

It looks like a picture of vomit, as rendered by Picasso.


If you squint it looks like a fat man with an afro (on the right) squatting to give 'hand relief' to a thinner man on the left.


I'll go for random bird poo .... (even if a bit more colourful).


Clearly this depicts London taking it up the arse from a man with the Olympic logo on his head. This probably refers to the fact that Londoners will be paying for the Olympics for a generation.

Ashley Stevens

It's a dog with one leg cocked up.

Peeing on the folks that paid.

Keith Turner

And we'll finish this one up with some good old fashioned ranting:

another piece of crap winds up earning the creator a tidy sum, All because the jerk who commisioned it and the assholes invited to the unveiling are afraid to speak their minds and tell it like it is.

This Wolff Olins mob should have been told "it's shite, do it again" but no lets make up some flowery speech so nobody get offended, hey maybe someone will like it.

Bah!!! I am offended by this eyesore and looking at it, it means absolutely fuck all to me.

Have we become so used to lies and political correctness we simply can't see what's right and true anymore?


Without a doubt the single worst logo I think I have ever seen. It it desperately wanting to be 'hip' or 'street' or 'urban' becos dat's wat da kidz wan. Innit?

It's embarrassing. If this is what they've come up with (especially after the older one which was perfectly fine), I dread to think what's going to happen at the opening ceremony.

Shallow, infantile, out-of-date nonsense. Why can't our capital city warrant a capital "L" for heaven's sake.

Utter, utter toss.

Simon Oxlade

Google Maps' new Street View feature continues to delight and inform, leading presumably to considerably reduced productivity. We're all together in the search for that elusive nipple snap:

I think this is uber funny! It's made my day. Forget reality t.v, the world will be hooked on their streets, watching their neighbours..

hmm maybe this is not such a great idea after all.


Yes we are all doing it now... no more looking for blackhawk helicopters we are looking for the best whale tail on the block

Andrew Dodd

A company owned by the founders of The Pirate Bay is hosting a site that defends paedophilia. A lively and pleasantly restrained debate resulted over the morality and legality of this:

I haven't seen this site, and I am not inclined to. The hosts are however right that if it is only a place of discussion and no illegal material is allowed it should be allowed. If we are going to learn how to deal with this issue, we are going to have to start looking for the root causes, and encourage people to seek help. But this won't happen as long as the ignorant masses want to bring back public lynching.


First off, there is no mention of actual pornographic images being hosted, as I'm sure the moment that happened, PRQ would drop the site like a hot potato and probably report them. Second, there's the idea that by hosting their website, there is in essence a repository of identities of people who would be watched carefully, thus potentially preventing actual instances of child abuse.

It is also completely within the realm of plausibility that their commentaries on the websites fall under free speech. As long as they are expressing opinions (as loathsome an opinion as that may be), they are not breaking any laws. If PRQ wants to maintain an image of being an impartial host, they have to permit this sort of thing - and then they can point out that Pirate Bay isn't as bad as this one other site they're hosting, and the cops aren't on their backs about the other site...

Michael Martin

A British builder was sentenced to two months for celebrating his upcoming marriage in the traditional way, by cavorting naked in a fountain in Slovakia, outside an American embassy. Or maybe that's just the tradition here at Vulture Central. At any rate, raucous drunken stag dos are apparently a pet peeve for a number of you, as your comments indicated:

And a damn good thing too. Perhaps we can have some of the same laws over here?

Neil Barnes

Can't say I have a lot of sympathy. If someone came to the UK on a stag, got slaughtered and then got arrested for dancing nude in Trafalgar Square, Mr Plod and the chattering classes would have them off to the nearest HMP, before they had sobbered up! Rules is rules, no matter how unreasonable they may seem they are still somebody else's and you need to remember that when you are under their jurisdiction!

George Johnson

Do I have any sympathy? Nope... Comes from the same gene pool as the idiot who decided to dance on my car roof "for fun" duing the last world cup...


"Stokes, 22, put a brave face of things, vowing to hit the town this weekend for her hen night."

Perhaps she'll get 2 months too. Problem solved.

But don't fret, folks. The wedding will go ahead as planned, for our plucky builder has been released following a paternal apology and timely Foreign Office intervention. It seems we still have some of that diplomatic muscle left.

A bunch of Dutch whizz-kids (yes, we're surprised too) have cooked up something the world has missed for far too long: powdered alcohol.

Alcoholic powder? So what happens if you snort it?

Adrian Jones

I'm sure someone'll try it quite quickly. We'll probably run something on the results, if they're amusingly painful enough.

I'm no scientist or anything, but am I right in assuming you can bung two, three or more sachets into the same glass of water to increase the strength?

Gavin Morgan


Not everyone approved though:

That's all we need, another vehicle to help more hysterical adolescent junkies get their alcohol fix. It would seem that the main interest in this new product is that is contains a popular drug and not that it tastes particularly good. Unsurprising, I suppose, in societies in cultural decline.


Oi! We're not adolescents.

Well, we're convinced. We've put in an order for 60 cases of the stuff for the upcoming Reg Omnihack Wilderness Survival Corporate Team-Building Strategy Bender (coming soon to a desert near you). But until then we'll have to settle for the old-fashioned liquid kind. Things aren't so bad really. See you next week. ®

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