Rufus, Mok and Lai urinate on mean customers' baggage

Pain in the butts beware

Comments Another Friday, and another batch of comments, some of which almost have an IT angle. Let's get stuck in.

A Lancashire lad got into trouble with plod for doing 140mph on the M65. Kids today, eh? Most of you did not approve:

Lets hope the little prick gets a jail sentence. The speed is one thing, but I'm surprised he didn't kill anybody undertaking on the hard shoulder.

Tom Peach

If he was filming it on a mobile phone, will he be done for using a mobile as well?

Adrian Jones

The real reason to lock him up is not for doing 140 (reported) in an MR2, nor for swerving around the road (although that's pretty st***d) but for being foolish enough to put the video footage online and expect NOT to get caught. They used to say there's only one crime, getting caught - and he's making it easy for them!!

Tim Schomer

But then there was dissent:

It's only 140 FFS. The really stupid part was recording it. Swerving around is kinda dumb too but you old giffords have got to realise how annoying it is when you're in they way at 75 mph and won't move over.

Toby Roll

Such a contentious post predictably drew plenty of scorn. Head to the comments page if you feel like sharing in the indignation on either side.

Braving the gauntlet of Gadspot tech support is not for the faint of heart, as a Reg reader discovered. His comment on their site design was mercilessly savaged by what was no doubt the beta version of a new breed of tech-support kill-bots, this one code-named Rufus. Opinions were divided between those who held Rufus up as a hero for oppressed customer support staff, and those who thought he was a rude illiterate:

"we refuse the right to sever you. For being mean."

Not exactly up to BOFH standard, is it?


If getting sacked wasn;t on the cards most my customers would get this treatment.

Remember customers sincerity is all lies i tell you, LIES, in fact we actually want to see you maimed and dying in horrible ways. Well using your brain is usually enough but seeign as miracles never happen maimed and death is more fun.

also remember that most people are stupid and retarded and do want spoon feeding with answers,they have little regard for learning they are not only stupid but happily ignorant i think Rufus is well inclined to answer in this maner.

My apologies for anyone with braincells that function


I want him here!..

With 1100 corporate users not "reading the fine line" and in need of being "spoon fed" we all agreed here tech-supp. would raise towards new heights of service accountability.

Oh.. And about Rufu's linguistic and diplomatic talents: did I mention I work for a multinational? It happens that this is indeed the kind of atrocities embedded in our incident requests.

Waiting for you Rufus.

Gabriele Bozzi

Do NTL own this company? Or at least 'Rufus' should apply. He'd fit right in.

Stuart Barnett

Methinks that there is only one person working at that company...


Andrew Moore

Thailand has had to sack two of its members of staff at Chiang Rai airport for urinating on luggage and sexually harassing female passengers. The canine creeps were reassigned to farm labour, and are presumably being kept on a short leash.

I say if baggage handlers can get away with this kind of behaviour, then so should the sniffer dogs.


All of the reported antics were down to the male dog, what did the bitch do to get fired? I think there's good grounds for a claim of unfair dismissal here.

Mike Richards

In the US, the many of the dogs used by ICE are shelter rescues. They're socialized for a year before they're trained. They're also spayed/neutered.

In many countries, spaying and neutering is considered an atrocious act of mutilation. But most Western countries don't have the stray problem we have. But most of Asia has a worse problem.

Dillon Pyron

Forced into it by its burgeoning and increasingly confused population, China is considering allowing double-barrelled surnames. You used the opportunity to tell awful, awful jokes:

Do this mean that I can't tell people your mother's got more chins than a chinese phonebook?


Looking through the Beijing phone-book must give thousands of Wong numbers.

Simon Holt

always amused me when i was learning mandarin, that "wang" meant "king"

my revision cards looked something like this


how have i got this far in life being that purile??????

tim chubb

And on the IT front, could we ever forget the service program offered by Wang Computer in the 1980's: "Wang Care"


Hey, now the story has an IT angle. Thanks. We always feel really bad about ourselves when we fail to work one in. Especially Lester. He cries himself to sleep most nights.

Confucius say: man who run through airport revolving door is surely going to bangkok.


That one elicits a groan on more than one level. I'll be sitting cross-legged on my bar stool until I can get that image out of my head. Have a good weekend. ®

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